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apocalyptomovie's Journal

apocalypto :: no one can outrun their destiny
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Welcome to the first community at LiveJournal.Com, dedicated to a movie APOCALYPTO. Here you will find now just an information about the movie, but also all the latest news about actors, directors, graphic works like avatars, blends and so on. So, welcome! And, I hope, that you will like this place.


This community was created to unit all the fans of the movie all over the world, so feel free to join it if you like it. Put please, just follow some simple rules:
01. Don't argue with other members even if you don't agree with their point of view. Don't offend them. We have a democracy.
02. If you want to make a picspam, use lj-cut, please... Some members may have problems with their speed of connection (dial-up and so on)...
03. Do not spam.
04. Of course, we are all fans of the movie, but please, no posts like: "oh, like it!", "it's great" and so on... If you join the community, it means, that you like it.
05. A small introduction will be nice.
06. If you take something from the community (avatars, headers), credit the master please...


Apocalypto at IMDB


If you want to be affiliated with this community, just write a post and I'll let you know, if I agree.

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